Wellington/Royal Palm Beach Forum            Page 25, August 21, 1996


She makes people look their best...or worst

By Harry L. Swiderski
Forum Staff Writer

Though her finest work is sometimes critical in the making of a movie, you would have to have strong eyes and be a quick reader to find her name among the credits at the end of a film.

Wellington resident Linda Zibelli is a motion picture and television makeup artist who has to skillfully apply makeup to enhance facial appearances and, sometimes, produce ugly wounds or scars for individuals appearing before cameras.

Linda's career came as an accident. Her brother and his lady friend stopped by for a visit enroute to a film shoot assignment and she jokingly said, "If you ever need a hair dresser, I'm available."

Little did she realize at the time that her hair dressing career was about to take a step in a different direction. Her brother gave her name to a Universal Studios associate and she was called to work on a film in Miami.

"It was called Running Scared, she said, adding that the hairstyles were to be from the 60's, an era with which she was totally familiar. "I was paid $150 a week for three months," she recalled. After the initial exposure, she eased into doing makeup. Today, however, her salary has escalated many, many times more depending upon the production, the location and the performers.

For example, she was one of the makeup artists for Striptease, although Demi Moore had her own personal makeup person. "I worked with the supporting cast, but had a lot of fun."

That assignment was followed up more recently by an assignment to do the makeup on a man and women performing in a Christian rock music vidio in Viscaya. Sometimes the assignments are short and other times rather lenghty, she said.

Another example of where her talents were utilized was in the shooting of a commercial for a Portugese newspaper. The assignment was carried out in Honduras and took a week to complete.

Linda who is attractive enough to be an actress, explained her task was to provide cosmetic makeovers for an actress, performing as a lady reporter for the newspaper which supposedly was doing a story on dolphin research. While much of the filming was done in the streets of Honduras, there were numerous water scenes where the actress would appear in the water with the mammals.

The commercial ended with her finny friends carrying her about 30 feet deep into the water before breaking the surface with her on their noses. In her hand, she carried a camera and the message flashed on the screen, "We'll go to any depths to get a story."